Business Principles


We aspire to be the Journey Partner of choice, and to build a successful and sustainable firm based on the principles of Shariah.  Our Business Principles provide the foundation for us to achieve our aspirations.

1. We deliver:  A promise by one of us is a promise by all of us. We only make promises we are qualified and committed to fulfill. In our competitive world, this means we all work very hard.

2. We tell the truth: We communicate with our clients so they are never surprised by our actions or their outcomes.  We don’t take credit for luck, nor do we apologize for events out of our control.  We adopt the same principles of transparency with our own people.

3. We succeed when our clients do: We align our interests with our clients’. Our fiduciary responsibility to each client is a sacred trust that can never be compromised.

4. We are discreet: Our clients entrust us with sensitive information. We practice the highest standards of confidentiality.

5. We serve our clients fairly: Similar clients are treated equally. Our professional arrangements should give our clients peace of mind.

6. We are prudent:  We are stewards of our Firm’s reputation and our shareholders’ capital. We avoid actions that we wouldn’t want the public to know.

7. We are professional: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity. We speak our mind, and do the right thing for our clients, no matter what.

8. We are competent:  Our clients deserve the best expertise. We invest in our people and take great care to retain them, because our clients rely on us. We have a learning culture, and we capture and build on our knowledge.

9. We enable: We hire the best, and foster a culture where they can perform at their peak.

10. We enjoy what we do: We work every day to make a difference for our clients, our Firm, our colleagues, and ourselves. We celebrate each other’s successes. We are proud to be Jadwa.

11. We are partners: Personal bonds are an important part of our Firm’s culture. We believe collaboration creates value. We care for each other, and we are inclusive.

12. We give back: When we succeed, the communities in which we work and live should benefit.