Vision, Mission & Values

To become the premier investment management and advisory firm for and into our region, rooted in Islamic values

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Our Vision
To become the premier investment management and advisory firm for and into our region, rooted in Islamic values

Our Mission
To set a new standard in Islamic investment banking delivered by a focused and highly-qualified team of experts who share a common set of values and goals, and driven by a passion to deliver a unique experience for clients which guarantees long-term relationships.

Our Values
At Jadwa Investment, our values are proudly inspired by Islamic Shariah principles. These values are deeply rooted on Islamic principles related to banking and finance. They draw from our rich heritage, the latest expertise and the most modern technology. They are guided by proven practices for creating innovative and world-class investment products. These products and services are now available for a select and elite group of customers that we seek to join us on our road to long-term growth and success:

• Our ability to set new standards in Islamic investment banking.
• Our quick and adaptable reaction to fluctuations in markets.
• Our ability to deliver reports, market analysis and other tailored client requests on time and up-to-date.
• Our drive to be ahead of the game.

• Our ability to take calculated risks in structuring new Islamic solutions.
• Our ability to anticipate market movements ahead of our competitors.
• Our understanding of our client’s fundamental needs and our ability to deliver beyond them.
• Our ability to bring a fresh, new perspective in reshaping an established, complacent industry.
• Our commitment to hire and work with the best and brightest people in their fields.

• Our commitment to the importance of developing relationships with our clients as individuals.
• Our ability to tailor-make financial solutions and our family office concept.
• Our conviction that our actions reflect our values as individuals and we will be judged accordingly.
• The respect that each member of our team has for other’s opinions and perspectives.
• Harnessing the knowledge and expertise of each member of our management team to outperform our category.

• Our religion and our dedication to Islamic principles.
• Our founders: a distinguished consortium of pre-eminent businessmen.
• Our exclusive clientele.
• The weight of our opinion as financial experts on the market.
• Our position as a leader.