Investment Management Advisory

Jadwa Investment provides investment management advisory to local and regional institutional investors with the objective of institutionalizing client’s investment management practices and creating investment strategies capable of achieving client’s long-term goals in a sustainable manner. The Investment Management Advisory team comes from a strong institutional investor background with global and local coverage. The team currently advises government entities, corporates and family offices with more than SR 26.9 billion under advisory. The investment advisor can be retained in an advisory or a fiduciary management capacity.

Main Activities:

Our advisory engagement scope mainly includes two phases: 1) starting with the investment planning and; 2) ending with implementation and monitoring. 

1- Investment Planning:
Investment planning is conducted over a specific timeframe (e.g. 4-6 weeks) and includes two main activities: 1) development of the asset allocation strategies and; 2) design of a governance model. Asset allocation strategies are developed by:

  • Analyzing client’s assets/liabilities and cash flows, defining investment objectives & constraints.
  • Identifying and selecting the appropriate strategic asset allocation.
  • Defining benchmarks and risk management framework.
  • Drafting or updating the investment policy statement (IPS).

We create a governance framework that clearly outlines the roles and authorities of the different governance bodies involved in managing the investments (e.g. Management, Investment Committee, Board) with the objective of enabling a clear and efficient decision making process. The governance model is aligned with best practices of local and global institutional investors while taking into consideration the specific situation of the investor. 

2- Implementation & Monitoring: 
Implementation and monitoring phase is an ongoing process that includes:

  • Investment strategy implementation: During this process, we design manager structures, conduct manager selection, manager monitoring, and evaluating direct investment opportunities.
  • Investment monitoring and reporting: This covers overall performance monitoring and reporting, portfolio rebalancing, compliance, risk monitoring, and developing market outlook.
  • Operational support: includes operational set up to implement the investment program which includes legal structuring, custodian/administrator selection, reporting structures.

Why Jadwa:


  • Strong in-house team with current and prior relevant experience serving leading institutional investors e.g. Saudi Aramco, KAUST Endowment, SAMA, Government funds, local family offices and insurance companies.
  • The team is supported by a highly specialized network of global sub-advisors.

Scale & Reach:

  • With more than SR 26.9  billion under advisory, Jadwa offers its clients an economy of scale, access to a wide network of local and global investment managers and exposure to a strong direct investment deal flow. In addition to the team’s internal network of investment managers, the team has access to external databases with more than 3000 traditional and alternative investment managers.


  • The Investment Management Advisory function is fully segregated from all Jadwa’s product lines with the aim of serving our clients best interest.


  • Being local positions Jadwa’s Investment Management Advisory team as an extension of a client’s own investment team with more attention and in-person engagement with the client. 


Beyond pure investment services, Jadwa offers:

  • Training opportunities contributing to the development of client’s in-house investment team.
  • Investment process streamlining and alignment with global best practices.