Al Hokair Group

Al Hokair

Acquisition Year: 2012

Exit Year: 2016

Acquisition Stake: 35 percent

Sector: Hospitality & entertainment

Fund: Jadwa Tourism & Hospitality Opportunity Fund



About Al Hokair Group

Al Hokair Group was established in 1978, commencing its operations by establishing the first theme park in Riyadh. In 1985, the Group ventured into the hospitality sector. With a history spanning over 40 years, the Group has now evolved into one of the earliest investors in hospitality and entertainment in the Kingdom. Today, the company boasts over 2,900 employees and plays a leading role in entertainment, leisure and tourism. The Group's portfolio includes 29 hotels across 11 cities, with more than 3,305 rooms and 52 entertainment centers in KSA and UAE attracting 8.7 million visitors.

Jadwa Tourism & Hospitality Opportunity Fund exited 10.5 percent ownership stake in June 2014 during a secondary IPO of the Al Hokair Group on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul).