Online Trading

As part of our distinguished choice of investment services, we are pleased to introduce Jadwa Tadawul. Now you can trade the Saudi Stock Market anywhere on the Internet using the most advanced online technology.


• Enter buy and sell orders.
• Track and display share prices using different methods.
• View portfolio details and summary.
• View transaction details and summary.
• View account balance.
• View outstanding orders.
• View share price movement by percentage increase, by value and by sector.
• Create watch list of preferred shares and amend or cancel watch list.
• Access the latest news on each share.
• Select your preferred language "English or Arabic"

Quick Trading:

Quick Trading is a feature that enables controlling more than one order at a time. Instead of handling each order at a time, you may handle all or group of the orders at the same time. You may also deal with the portfolio contents as a whole.  Quick Trading enables you to do any of the following:

• Liquidate all of your portfolio
• Liquidate part of your portfolio
• Group cancel all your buy orders
• Group cancel all your sell orders
• Group cancel part of your buy orders
• Group cancel part of your sell orders