Security Statement

Jadwa Investment is pleased to offer Electronic Trading. Delivering these services requires a solid security framework that protects you and our institution's data from outside intrusion. We are committed to working with our internet service and communications providers to produce the safest operating environment possible for our customers. The information below summarizes our security framework, which incorporates the latest proven technology and also summarizes your responsibilities as a user of the Electronic Trading with regard to security. There are several levels of security within our security framework

Login Password

After the investor subscribes himself with Jadwa to use the electronic trading, he receives his user name and password to the system via mail or hand to hand submitting through our branches. The user will get locked after 5 failed trials successively. To unlock the user, you should contact Jadwa investment. In case you forgot your password, you can easily ask for a new one and receive it via email. First time you login with the new password, the system will ask you to change it for your ease and secrecy.

1. The safest passwords are those that combine numbers and letters
2. We strongly urge that you not use obvious passwords, such as your birth date or name
3. Never share your password with anyone
4. Change your password frequently
5. Your password needs to be at least 8 characters and must be alphanumeric.  They are also case sensitive.

Session Time-Out

Jadwa Investment’s system will automatically log you out from Electronic Tradings after few minutes of inactivity. This reduces the risk of others accessing your information from your unattended computer. However, before the system logs you out automatically, a pop-up window will be appeared to give you the chance to continue your session, where you have to provide your login password (The pop-up window for the password is not yet implemented. It will be released with the new version soon)


Jadwa Investment’s computer systems are protected 24 hours a day by a powerful firewall that blocks unauthorized entry. In order to gain access to authorized information, the Web browser you are using must know the proper protocol, or language, and even then only select information is available.

What Security measures does electronic trading use?

Electronic trading uses several different methods to protect your information:

All information within Internet Companying uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol for transferring data. SSL is encryption that creates a secure environment for the information being transferred between your browser and Jadwa Investment.
At a high level, SSL uses public key cryptography to secure transmissions over the Internet. In practice, your browser will send a message via SSL to the Company's server. The Company responds by sending a certificate, which contains the Company's public key. Your browser authenticates the certificate (agrees that the server is in fact Jadwa Investment), then generates a random session key which is used to encrypt data traveling between your browser and the Company's server. This session key is encrypted using the Company's public key and sent back to the server. The Company decrypts this message using its private key, and then uses the session key for the remainder of the communication.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protects data in three key ways:

1. Authentication ensures that you are communicating with the correct server. This prevents another computer from impersonating Jadwa Investment.
2. Encryption scrambles transferred data.
3. Data integrity verifies that the information sent by you to Jadwa Investment wasn't altered during the transfer. The system detects if data was added or deleted after you sent the message. If any tampering has occurred, the connection is dropped.

User Responsibilities

While Jadwa Investment continues to evaluate and implement the latest improvements in Internet security technology, users of the Electronic Trading also have responsibility for the security of their information and should always follow the recommendations listed below:

1. Utilize the latest 128 bit encryption version of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The Electronic Trading is best viewed when you use Internet Explorer browser, as it has been tested at our site.
2. Your login password must be kept confidential. You must follow our specific parameters for a login password and change it frequently to ensure that the password cannot be guessed or used by others.
3. Be sure others are not watching you enter information on the keyboard when using the system especially when you login to the system.
4. Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to the Electronic Trading. Others may approach your computer and gain access to your account information if you walk away.
5. Click logout when you are finished using the system to properly end your session. Once a session has been ended, no further transactions can be processed until you login to the system again.
6. Close your browser when you are finished, so that others cannot view any account information displayed on your computer.
7. Keep your computer free of viruses. Use virus protection software to routinely check for a virus on your computer. Never allow a virus to remain on your computer while accessing the Electronic Trading.