Jadwa Saudi Equity Fund

Oil might dominate the Saudi Arabian economy, but its stock market is actually comprised of a variety of fast-growing industries. We tap into these growth opportunities through the Jadwa Saudi Equity Fund, which seeks long-term capital growth by investing in Shariah-compliant equities listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul). The Standard & Poor’s Saudi Shariah Index serves as benchmark. This Fund is denominated in Saudi riyals and has a minimum investment of SAR 25,000,000 for Class (A) and SAR 1,000 for Class (B) & (C).

Fund Manager Jadwa Investment
PO Box 60677, Riyadh 11555
Saudi Arabia
Base Currency Saudi Riyal
Currency Risk The fund's investment may deal with different currencies, any fluctuation in the exchange rates might affect the fund's units value negatively.
Investment Fund Objective To provide long-term capital growth by investing in companies listed on Saudi stock market or any of their subsidiaries that are listed in any other market, in accordance with Shariah investment guidelines
Investment Strategies The Fund invests its assets in a diversified portfolio comprised of Shariah-compliant companies listed on the Saudi equity market, using a multi-strategy approach. The Fund may also invest up to 50% of its assets in other Shariah-compliant Saudi equity investment funds approved by CMA. The may as well invest up to 70% of its assets in short term Murabaha.
Level of Risk High-risk
Investment Suitability Due to its risk level, the Fund may not be suitable for investors with a low-risk profile. Investors are recommended to seek advice from their investment advisors.
Benchmark S&P Saudi Shariah Index (TR)
Minimum Initial Subscription Class A: SAR 25,000,000 per investor
Class B: SAR 1,000 per investor
Class C (Employees): SAR 1,000 per investor
Minimum additional Subscription and Redemption SAR 100
Cut-off time 10 AM Riyadh Time in a business day.
Valuation Day Every Business Day in Saudi Arabia
Announcement Day At 5 PM in the day following the valuation day.
Payment Day of the Redeemed Amount Four business days after the relevant Valuation day.
Subscription Fees Up to 3% deducted from each subscription.
Management Fees Class A: 1.25% Annually
Class B: 1.95% Annually
Class C (Employees): 0.98% Annually
Unit Price and Day of Inception Class B: SAR 100 on 30 June 2007.
Unit Price and Day of Inception Class A: SAR 100
Class C (Employees): SAR 100