Jadwa Saudi Riyal Murabaha Fund

Want a low-risk investment in Saudi Arabian Riyals? Jadwa’s Saudi Riyal Murabaha Fund mirrors certificates of deposits in terms of investment strategy and easy liquidity, but in compliance with Shariah guidelines. Jadwa places the trades with banks in a Shariah-compliant manner in short-term Murabaha contracts.

Fund Manager Jadwa Investment
PO Box 60677, Riyadh 11555
Saudi Arabia
Base Currency Saudi Riyal
Investment Fund Objective To generate market returns from short-term Murabaha based trade transactions that are compliant with Shariah principles. The fund also aims to provide easy liquidity for its unit holders.
Investment Strategies The Fund’s assets are invested in diversified low risk trade transactions with counterparties of good reputation and sound financial backing. The average duration of the Fund’s portfolio does not exceed one year.
Level of Risk Low Risk
Benchmark One month SIBID net of management fee
Minimum Initial Subscription SAR 50,000
Minimum additional Subscription and Redemption SAR 25,000
Cut-off time 10 am Riyadh time of every business day
Valuation Day Every Business Day in Saudi Arabia
Announcement Day At 5 PM the day following the valuation day.
Payment Day of the Redeemed Amount Four business days after the relevant Valuation day.
Management Fees 0.50% annually of the assets under management.
Unit Price and Day of Inception SAR 100 on 30 June 2007