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The Interim Report for Jadwa Saudi Equity Fund Including the Interim Financial Statement for the period ended on 30/06/2019

Annoucement : Jadwa Investment Company announces the availability of the Interim financial results of the fund. The following are the  summary of the Interim financial statements for the period ended on 30/06/2019: 

Net asset value at the end of the period: SAR 463,209,564   

Total expenses and fees for the period: (SAR 4,724,167)   

Realized Gain/(Loss) : SAR 42,513,864

Number of units available at the end of the period:
Class A: 1,518,414.03 units
Class B: 574,192.74 units
Class C: 23,396.36 units

Units Unit price at end of period:
Class A : SAR 153.5570 
Class B : SAR 394.3383
Class C : SAR 154.7360

Returns for the period:
Class A :
Class B : 16.73%
Class C : 17.32% 

Please use the link below to download the Interim report from Fund Manager’s website