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Jadwa Investment Announces Notifiable Changes on Jadwa Saudi Equity Fund

March 22, 2020: 

Jadwa Investment announces notifiable changes on Jadwa Saudi Equity Fund. The implemented changes have become effective on 24/2/2020G corresponding to 30/6/1441H. 

Details of the changes are as follows:

  • An addition of  (Class D)  as a new unit class in the fund to meet the needs of different types of investors.
  • Modifications on expenses disclosures pertaining to management, custody, publishing, financial auditing and fund administration to be line with the new changes and the latest signed agreements.
  • Lowering minimum subscription/investment amount required for (Class A) from SAR 25 million to SAR 10 million. 
  • Improvement in the disclosures related to Shariah guidelines approved by the fund’s Shariah Board .
  • Improvement in risk disclosures.
  • Updation in the fund’s performance information.

You can find the updated terms and conditions and information memorandum of the fund via the link below: