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Jadwa Investment Announces the Availability of the Annual Report for Jadwa GCC Equity Fund Including the Audited Financials for the Fiscal Year Ended 31/12/2019 for the Public

April 06, 2020: 

Jadwa Investment announces the availability of the audited financial results of the fund. The following is a summary of the annual financial statements for the year ended on 31/12/2019:

  • Net asset value at the end of the period: SAR 20,757,112.31
  • Total expenses and fees for the period: SAR 618,360.64
  • Net income for the period: SAR 3,948,698
  • Number of units available at the end of the period:
    Unit Class ‘B’ 64,747.8657
    Unit Unit Class ‘C’ 1,218.7386 Unit
  • Net Asset Value per unit:
    Unit Class ‘B’ SAR 318.6767
    Unit Class ‘C’ SAR 101.3147
  • The return for the period:
    Unit Class ‘B’ 18.38%
    Unit Class ‘C’ 1.31%

Please find attached a copy of the report, and you can visit the Fund Manager’s website at the link below: