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  • Monthly Bulletin May 2011
    Sun, 01 May 2011

    Feature: Healthy current account surplus in 2010

    The official estimate for the current account surplus has been lowered to $66.8 billion (15.4 percent of GDP) in the first detailed quarterly breakdown of the Kingdom’s balance of payments for 2010. The data reveals some interesting trends in trade, investment flows and the development of the non-oil economy.

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  • Monthly Bulletin April 2011
    Fri, 01 April 2011

    Feature: First quarter results affirm tough conditions

    Listed company results show that the first quarter was a tough one for much of the private sector. Petrochemicals was by far the best performing sector, however, this was driven by higher prices and generally greater international sales and did not reflect local or regional conditions. Excluding petrochemicals, total earnings recorded their first quarterly decline since the final quarter of 2009.

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  • Monthly Bulletin February 2011
    Tue, 01 February 2011

    Feature: Banks lead fourth quarter profits

    Profits of listed companies in the fourth quarter of 2010 were much better than in the same period of 2009, but down on those of the third quarter of last year. The year-on-year gain was due to an almost doubling of profits by banks.

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  • Monthly Bulletin November 2010
    Mon, 01 November 2010

    Feature: Falling dollar lifts oil price comfort zone.

    Oil prices have jumped to two-year highs primarily because of the weakness of the US dollar. Seemingly in response to this dollar depreciation, the Kingdom appears to have lifted the ceiling on its preferred level for oil prices.

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  • Monthly Bulletin September 2010
    Wed, 01 September 2010

    Feature: Saudi population growth slows; expats jump

    Preliminary results from the census conducted earlier this year put the Kingdom’s population at 27.1 million, well above the official estimate for mid-year 2009. Since the last census, in 2004, the expatriate population has grown twice as fast as the number of Saudi nationals.

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