Monthly Bulletin

An examination of the latest developments in the Saudi economy and stock market, and the global oil market.

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    Tue, 01 November 2011

    Feature: Petrochemicals dominate third quarter earnings

    Results from listed companies for the third quarter were reasonable. Total net income was the highest since the second quarter of 2008, though it was heavily dependent on the petrochemicals sector.

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    Mon, 01 August 2011

    Feature: US and EU policy shifts to impact Kingdom

    Recent shifts in economic policy in the US and EU are of medium-term significance for Saudi Arabia. A pledge by the US central bank to hold interest rates very low for two more years could prove inflationary, while the recognition of institutional failures in the Eurozone is probably pushing the adoption of a GCC single currency even further back.

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  • Jadwa June 2008 Monthly Bulletin
    Sun, 01 June 2008

    Feature: TASI fairly valued and poised to rise

    After a thorough examination of new company earnings data we have revised our outlook for the stock market. We now think that the market is slightly below fair value and that share prices should rise over the remainder of the year

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  • Jadwa May 2008 Monthly Bulletin
    Thu, 01 May 2008

    Feature: Oil's surge: what's behind it and what it means for Saudi Arabia

    Oil prices have hit a series of all-time highs and have the momentum to go up further, even though we think they are now well beyond the level justified by the fundamentals. Saudi Arabia's economic performance will continue to benefit from high oil prices.

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  • Monthly Bulletin March 08
    Sat, 01 March 2008

    Feature: Impact of the weak global economy

    Global economic conditions have deteriorated significantly and the outlook is uncertain. However, the internal momentum within the Saudi economy is sufficient that global economic conditions may affect the pace of growth, but will certainly not derail it.

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