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Investment advisory

Independent insight

Jadwa’s investment advisory practice provides independent and objective advice to institutional investors, non-profit endowments, and family offices on how to best invest their capital.

This includes advising clients on developing a strategic asset allocation plan that meets their unique requirements, and then on implementing such plan through best-in-class, third-party investment managers.

Jadwa offers both non-discretionary and discretionary advisory services, including specialized funds tailor-made for institutional investors.

Non-discretionary services

Our experienced investment team offers end-to-end, non-discretionary advisory services to a wide range of institutional clients that spans both investment planning and implementation.

We follow a clear and time-tested methodology to achieve the best investment results for our clients.

First, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s particular risk, return, and liquidity requirements, including detailed cashflow forecasting.

Next, we conduct asset allocation simulations to construct an optimized asset allocation plan and investment strategy that meets the client’s specific preferences. The investment strategy is developed in active partnership with our client, and would span the full spectrum of local and international asset classes.

Finally, we guide our client through the actual implementation of the investment strategy. This includes advising clients on their operational set-up, third-party manager due diligence and selection, regular monitoring and reporting, periodic tactical and strategic reviews, and internal training and capability development. In doing so, we become an integrated part of our client’s investment team.


Value proposition



Our dedicated advisory team is complemented with a highly specialized network of global sub-advisors.



Aggregating client assets offers our clients cost-effective access to best-in-class managers globally.



70% of the firm’s assets under advisement are invested globally, from Tokyo to Mexico City.



As a policy, we do not recommend in-house products, and serve advisory clients independently from investment management team.



Our presence in Saudi Arabia enables us to offer clients relevant local insight and on-the-ground execusion support.

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