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Multi-asset offerings

Strategic asset allocation solutions

Optimized risk-adjusted returns can only be achieved through sound investment diversification.

Jadwa’s product breadth allows it to craft customized multi-asset solutions for its clients. We develop well-designed and properly diversified asset allocation strategies that meet specific risk, return, and liquidity preferences, and then execute these strategies through Jadwa’s broad universe of investment offerings across asset classes and geographies, including preferential access to products with limited availability.

Segregated mandates

Jadwa’s multi-asset offerings can also be structured in the form of segregated, client-specific mandates (also called multi-asset DPMs). In such mandates, Jadwa carefully constructs and manages a customized investment portfolio that is based on the client’s particular risk, return, and liquidity preferences and that delivers optimized returns within the client’s unique investment parameters. Our segregated multi-asset mandates are highly flexible and diversified. They can encompass both liquid and illiquid asset classes across local, regional, and international markets, and may be structured as investment portfolios or client-specific funds, depending on the preferences of each client.

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